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The perfect drinking meal


Can’t decide between our delicious flavors? You don’t have to. For a first taste, there’s now our new tasting package. This gives you the opportunity to try all three flavors.

Order now one bottle each of CHOCOLATE, VANILLA & BANANA for only 15.– CHF incl. shipping costs to your home.

32% cheaper by subscription!


  • Perfect combination of nutrients Provide your body with everything it needs: Vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and healthy fats. PERFECTMEAL is low carb or ketogenic and has no added sugar.
  • Perfect Energy Forget about cravings and unhealthy food. PERFECTMEAL keeps your blood sugar level stable and gives you long-lasting energy.
  • Perfect for you Enjoy your hydration meal without worrying. PERFECTMEAL is free from lactose, gluten, animal content, soy, added sugar and other allergens.
  • Perfect for on the go Don’t worry about preparing or transporting your meals. PERFECTMEAL is always ready to drink during car rides, meetings or hikes.

Scientifically confirmed

Laboratory tests with test persons show: PERFECTMEAL causes a lower increase in blood sugar after ingestion than other drinking meals. Therefore, the metabolism is less stressed, the saturation lasts longer and attacks of ravenous hunger do not occur.


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