Because our products are new and highly complex in composition, we receive many questions. That’s why we clarify the most important of them in a transparent and informative way. PERFECTMEAL not only satisfies your hunger, but also your thirst for knowledge.


Is a balanced nutrient composition important to you? Do you have an allergy or follow a special diet? Find out here if it’s a match and answer your nutritional questions about PERFECTMEAL now. You can find all nutrients at a glance here.

PERFECTMEAL contains all the nutrients your body needs. One serving (500 ml) contains about 400 kcal, 22 g healthy fat, 6.5 g carbohydrates, 24 g fiber and 25.5 g protein.

Our drinkable meal contains 24.5 g of high-quality pea protein. Thus, PERFECTMEAL contributes to the maintenance or increase of muscle mass. Furthermore, the vegetable protein is well tolerated by allergy sufferers:inside as well as by the environment.

One serving (500 ml) of PERFECTMEAL contains all important vitamins. Among the large variations you can find vitamin A, vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12), vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K1.

One serving (500 ml) of PERFECTMEAL contains all important minerals and trace elements. These include calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper and chromium.

We deliberately avoid adding sugar to our drinkable meal. Thus, one serving (500 ml) of PERFECTMEAL contains only 2.5 g of sugar, which is not added but comes from the ingredients themselves. For the sweet taste, we use small amounts of the low-calorie sweetener sucralose.

To avoid loading your metabolism with unnecessary carbohydrates, we sweeten PERFECTMEAL with the sweetener sucralose. Compared to other sweeteners (e.g. steviol glycosides or acesulfame-K), sucralose has the advantage that, thanks to its high sweetening power and sugar-like taste, very small amounts are sufficient. Sweetening with sugar substitutes (e.g. erythritol or xylitol) would require large quantities per bottle, between 50-80 g, which would inevitably lead to digestive problems.

One hundred percent, PERFECTMEAL is perfectly suitable for a vegan diet. The vegetable protein comes exclusively from peas and we completely avoid soy or other types of protein.

Zero, PERFECTMEAL does not contain lactose. Because our drinkable meal does not contain milk or dairy products, it is lactose-free and well-suited for lactose-intolerant people.

Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and production, we can completely exclude contamination by unnecessary allergens. If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, you can enjoy PERFECTMEAL without hesitation.

The short answer is yes. One serving (500 ml) of PERFECTMEAL contains about 400 kcal. The average daily requirement of a human being is about 2000 kcal, but it depends strongly on the body mass and activity. The high proportion of dietary fiber (24 g) in our drink provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety and supports your intestinal flora.

Vitamins A, B, C, D and E improve your immune system. The many omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support your cardiovascular system. The high fiber content contributes to improved intestinal flora. The vegetable proteins maintain or promote your muscle mass. Few carbohydrates and no added sugar promote natural fat loss.

PERFECTMEAL is also a perfect meal for diabetics. Our drinkable meal contains only 2.5 g of sugar per serving (500 ml), which comes from the ingredients themselves and is not added. So your blood sugar level hardly rises after consumption. We have tested this in the laboratory with various test persons.

Very well, in fact. The aim of this type of diet is not to let the blood sugar level rise too much, so that the body draws the necessary energy from the fat reserves and thus breaks down fat. Since PERFECTMEAL is particularly rich in vegetable proteins and fiber and contains no added sugar, the blood sugar level also hardly rises.


You are not sure if PERFECTMEAL is suitable for you and your everyday life? You want to find the best offer for you? Then click through the most common application questions now.

Our drinkable meal is suitable for you if you want to eat healthy despite your hectic everyday life. It is made for you if you don’t have time to cook, but still want to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients. PERFECTMEAL is for those who want to stay one healthy step ahead of stress.

Yes, you can. PERFECTMEAL is a ready-to-eat meal that you can enjoy immediately after purchase. Our recommendation: The drinkable meal tastes especially good when chilled and shaken well.

Our drinkable meal can be kept unrefrigerated. Once opened, PERFECTMEAL should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within two days.

The answer is simple: whenever you’re hungry. Thanks to the perfect blend of ingredients and nutrients, PERFECTMEAL is suitable for any time of day and occasion. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, even in between meals: Our drinkable meal satisfies your hunger and provides you with everything you need.

We recommend consuming our drinkable meal as a supplement to a balanced and healthy diet. While you can enjoy PERFECTMEAL indefinitely, you should also treat yourself to freshly prepared, balanced and healthy meals every day, rather than subscribing exclusively to PERFECTMEAL.

With the subscription function you save 32% compared to a single order and it’s very simple: you choose VANILLA and/or CHOCOLATE, select a delivery interval and we take care of the rest. Of course, you can change or cancel the subscription at any time.

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With the subscription function you save 32% compared to a single order and it’s very easy: You choose VANILLA, CHOCOLATE and/or BANANA, select a delivery interval and we take care of the rest. Of course, you can change or cancel the subscription at any time.
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